Coupon Booking Policies

At Studio 305, we gladly accept all of the discounts that you may have purchased online. We know it is a major benefit and convenience for all parties involved, however, we do have to establish some guidelines to ensure that both Studio 305 and you are utilizing this convenience fairly and properly.  



  1. A coupon can be used on any day of the week (except during special events).

  2. You are required to make a CONFIRMED reservation using this site. Proceed as if you are buying a ticket, but call 954-876-1877 FOR THE STUDIO 305's DISCOUNT CODE. Please allow at least 24 hours or more in advance.  Same day reservations are possible at the discretion of management (based on availability).

  3. You must provide your Voucher/Discount/Redemption Number in the NOTES section at checkout.  We will confirm it, but will not redeem it until your reservation time. IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE THE NUMBER, YOUR RESERVATION WILL BE CANCELLED.

  4. Walk-ins are not permitted with coupons at any time, you must reserve online.




  • If you do not cancel within 24 hours or if you do not show up, then your coupon will be redeemed after 15 minutes of your scheduled time, plus we will add a 10% no-show fee (based on the full rate).



  • Coupons are like any other, you can only use what you have. Once deals are sold out, they are sold out OR if you have reached the maximum purchase limit, all additional seats MUST BE purchased at the standard rate by going to Reserve a Seat.


  • If you want to book a group (10+), then we cannot guarantee your group seats with a coupon. You are welcome to purchase as many coupons as you can, but the studio will remain open to the public to fill any open seats. Our studio will close its doors for the privacy of your group when you reserve at full price.  For private events, go here.


  • A coupon cannot be used during special events.